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About 3DS
  3DS Engineering Procurement Construction Kunshan Co., Ltd
  3DS was found in 1998, the company is specialized in interior fit out and set-up of industrial plants, offices, and related mechanical & electrical installations.
  Based on clients' demand, 3DS offers the turn-key solution of office and workshop area for your company. 3DS provides integrated service including interior decoration, custom furniture, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, fire-fighting system, security, HVAC and plumbing etc. 3DS has all the national qualifications and administrative licensing in the industry.
  Since 1998, 3DS has provided reliable interior design and construction services for over 300 well-known enterprises which includes many fortune 500, Within the years, 3DS has built-up a strong network of clients and rich experience in the industry.
  In order to ensure construction quality, time and cost, 3DS established Roll forming steel profile manufacturing plant, Furniture tailor made factory, and baking paint finish and powder coating factory in Kunshan and Taicang. The company is improving the quality of project by specialized design, large-scale production and standardized processing.
  In 1999, 3DS registered Orient Furniture Making Co.,Ltd, which produces custom furniture for interior projects.
    In 2004, 3DS set up Kunshan DEKO partition Co.,Ltd under the cooperation with Danish enterprise DEKO. From then on, Kunshan DEKO has provided the support in material and technique for improving working environment for thousands of clients around China and Asia area.
  In 2008, 3DS shareholding Taicang Panwalls Metal Products Co.,Ltd is mainly provides roll forming steel profiles for wall system in the office.
  In 2012, 3DS shareholding Kunshan Panwalls Advanced Building Material Co.,Ltd provides the finished building components and services like doors and wall panels, baking finishing and powder coating finishing.
  The core team members of 3DS, with their own long professional experience, witnessed the development and growth of 3DS during the past years, while their experience of offering ideal office and workshop environment solution has been accumulated and inherited.
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